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We combine generative AI with community expertise

In these challenging economic times when few teams will get more headcount, it is critical to find ways to reduce time needed from top platform engineers to "keep the lights on" so that teams have the bandwidth to pursue strategic projects.

Helping application developers and new colleagues with their troubleshooting is the #1 driver of "keep the lights on" engineering for most platform teams. A recent poll by the RunWhen team found the majority of early teams require 1 FTE Kubernetes expert for every 5-10 application developers just to assist them in day-to-day troubleshooting.

With modern approaches, this source of daily toil can be delegated to AI. However, we have found that AI alone is not enough. It needs to be augmented with human expertise that comes from years troubleshooting applications in the Kubernetes ecosystem... the kind of experience that members of our community can provide.

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RunWhen Founder, Kyle Forster

A note from our founder

"We are surrounded by industry memes about the breakthroughs in AI as a way to replace people, but I think they are missing the opportunity for AI to bring us together.

When it comes to troubleshooting complex systems, you have experts in the industry, experts in the company, experts on the team and yourself. We are at the very early stages, as a profession, of embracing ways that AI will help us find each other's work, and find each other.

This is an exciting time for all of us."

Kyle Forster, Founder of RunWhen
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Fully remote team operating globally

RunWhen values the ability to give our team the freedom to work wherever they are while collaborating with industry leading talent. We value innovative thinkers and driven individuals who want to share their experience and knowledge.

If this sounds like you, book a meeting to discuss opportunities further.

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