Powered by a vast library of scripts from a (paid) open source community of experts, Digital Assistants suggest what to run when they receive developer questions, alerts, tickets, error budget violations, etc.

Runbook Automation
Post-Mortem Reporting
Automated Alert Response
SLO / Error Budget Tracking
Automation Usage/Coverage Tracking

For Platform Teams

Out of the box, get thousands of automated runbooks, alerts that run them autonomously and self-service tools you can give to any developer in the organization.

For Software Developers

Self-service troubleshooting for other team’s microservices, platform and infrastructure. Find and run the right scripts and escalate to the right people when needed.

For Executives

Sponsor the tools your team needs for you-built-it-you-run-it services, or accelerate application modernization projects with the automation our community provides out-of-the-box.

See For Yourself

Check out product tour, or have a member of our team give a live demo and help figure out where to start.

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A (Paid) Open Source Community

As opposed to traditional runbooks that are stale almost immediately, these scripts are provided by experts in an open source community who receive bounties and royalties when their scripts are run. There are defaults for troubleshooting in-house code (e.g. grep the logs for errors, file an issue), and you can import or build your own.

Ask A Digital Assistant

Instead of hunting through wikis, context-aware Digital Assistants respond to stackoverflow-style queries in the web UI, Slack, IDPs and other developer tools to suggest scripts to run. When they run scripts, they provide suggested next steps and detailed post-mortem reports.

Health > Alert > Response

Use community SLI/SLOs and built-in Error Budget Alerts, or your own observability stack alerts to call in Digital Assistants proactively. They use the output of each script as a search for the next one, iterating through the environment to collect diagnostics, find a root cause and propose a solution for engineers to review.

Cross-Team Sessions

At the heart of the platform is the concept of “sessions” when scripts are being run. Engineers across different teams can collaborate in a session, and can invite different Digital Assistants to assist in suggesting and running scripts.

The Session Report

During a session, the participants (both user and Assistants) scripts are being recorded in a session report for escalation or post-mortem analysis. The report summarizes open and closed issues raised by each script as well as the full output for deep diagnostics of the environment.

Post-Session Executive Analytics

Analytics for each session are tracked and can be exported to excel, gsheets, csv, etc to show time saved, people involved, resources involved and gaps in automation coverage where escalations were required.

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Digital Assistants  For Platform Teams Operations

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Integrate with your existing tools

Our community has contributed integrations with numerous tools and in addition to troubleshooting applications written on popular code frameworks, platform components and cloud infrastructure.

Ready to get started?

Our private beta is ready for you - Let’s take your team to the next level.

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