Cost Saving

Reduce The Cost of Keeping The Lights On By 30-60%

Typical platform teams spend most of their early engineering budget “Keeping The Lights On” with operational tasks that can be offloaded to Digital Assistants.

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Where Does The Time Go?

Four areas take up the majority of a typical platform team’s engineering budget:

i) helping colleagues with basic troubleshooting

ii) triaging noisy alerts

iii) triaging tickets

iv) training new SREs

RunWhen frees up precious time from senior platform engineers by offloading the bulk of this work onto Digital Assistants.

Reduce time spent helping with basic troubleshooting

Reduce time spent helping colleagues by 50%, giving them tools for self-service troubleshooting based on community contributions.

Triage 30%+ of your alerts with Digital Assistants

Route alerts to Digital Assistants and have them run diagnostic scripts autonomously and raise exceptions only wnen needed.

Enrich jira/github tickets to save time in basic research

Auto-generated tickets provide full context for service owners with links to run sessions and the tasks performed by Digital Assistants.

A “Co-Pilot” for new SREs

Digital Assistants provide suggestions based on simple human-readable search criteria to guide every engineer through next steps and remediation.

How Much Can Digital Assistants Help?

By automating “Keep The Lights On” Engineering and providing context-aware guidance, senior engineers can focus on strategic projects that put your organization ahead.

Bar graph showing comparisons of cloud costs, keep-the-lights-on engineering, and strategic engineering time

Cost savings reports

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For every session, the Platform tracks how much time was saved by members of the team from the scripts that are added to the session.  The baseline data is provided by expert Authors in our open source community based on their experience, and analytics are available by user, by service owner, by resource (e.g. Kubernetes deployments), etc.

The raw data can be exported to google sheets, excel, csv, etc., and a pre-built google sheet template with editable charts and pivot tables is available to make it easy to drop these in to operations review slides or documents.

Suitable for variety of environments

Digital Assistants are intended for dev, test and production environments.  By helping every engineer troubleshoot any service, platform or infrastructure component, they  help make sure that developers stay unblocked, free up senior platform engineers are reduce MTTR.

Free up top platform engineers for strategic projects

Unblock development teams

Reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

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