Is it the app or the platform?

For cloud-native teams with mission critical applications, we are building the industry's largest library of troubleshooting automation and AI Digital Assistants that find what to run and when.

For Platform Teams

Are you busy getting devs unblocked, or chasing down noisy alerts? Imagine getting thousands of automated runbooks out of the box. Digital Assistants help your colleagues help themselves, and respond to alerts by running the diagnostics you need.

For Developers

Is it the app or the platform? Do you need a PhD in Kubernetes to figure it out? Rather than getting blocked during development or in high stress on-call situations, Digital Assistants find which scripts to run for diagnostics and remediation.

For Executives

Are you moving to a you-built-it-you-run-it model, or kicking off an application modernization project? Let us show you how we can cut Keeping the Lights On Engineering, get velocity up and MTTR down.

Open Source Downloads
Commands Contributed
Troubleshooting Sessions
Engineering Time Saved

Any engineer can go
on call

Giving Troubleshooting Digital Assistants to your app developers and junior platform engineers lets them unblock test environments or do production on-call rotations with confidence.

Advanced use cases

While most users start with Digital Assistants for test environments or on-call tools, they can play a number of roles in helping your team over time.

Accelerated Onboarding For On-Call Engineers

Most Kubernetes teams are too small to emulate the 6+ month PE/SRE training in hyperscale companies. Inspired by the productivity of pair programming with AI, Digital Assistants plus the scripts from RunWhen’s Community help engineers new to your tech stack rapidly climb up the learning curve. RunWhen delivers this use case out of the box.

Automated "Pre-Incident" Response Reports

Rather than give app developers production credentials, RunWhen users typically give credentials to Digital Assistants that can only access a pre-reviewed set of automated tasks. This is managed at scale by giving different teams access to different Assistants, e.g. any engineer at RunWhen can use Eager Eager (read-only) but only a few can use Admin Ali (read-write access).

Guard Rails for Production Access

Authors in the RunWhen community need not restrict themselves to troubleshooting. Contributions for repetitive security / compliance / audit tasks are beginning to emerge. As many of these commands are not industry or business specific, sharing them in an open source library enables the community to avoid spending undue engineering time or budget for basic reporting tasks like SOC2.

Structural Reduction of Observability Costs

Digital Assistants connected to key alerts can generate advanced triage reports whenever a key metric goes out of range. Since the triage reports typically include the output needed for troubleshooting, the vast majority of metrics, logs and traces stored in expensive observability systems become redundant for users embracing this approach. RunWhen itself reduced our monitoring/logging bills by $40k/month with this approach across our dev clusters.

A strategic asset
at 1/10th the cost

At a critical mass of coverage, automated troubleshooting no longer looks like traditional enterprise runbooks. Hyperscalers have shown this for years. Instead it represents a strategic engineering asset powering numerous operational tools. Building this has traditionally been impractical for 99.9% of engineering teams. At 1/10th the cost and 1/50th the time of traditional approaches, our platform changes that.

blue dot grid
strategic engineering graph showing the growth of automated troubleshooting

Integrate with your existing tools

Our community has contributed integrations with numerous tools and in addition to troubleshooting applications written on popular code frameworks, platform components and cloud infrastructure.

Community + AI

Our Digital Assistants suggest open source "tasks" from expert SRE/PE/DevOps Authors who receive royalties when their tasks are run.

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Cut "KTLO" costs in half with
Digital Assistants

Digital Assistants for app developers or new SREs that can also respond autonomously to alerts, issues or events in your stack can cut "Keep The Lights On" (KTLO) costs for a platform team in half.

image showing the impact of driving down kubernetes costs

Ready to get started?

Our private beta is ready for you - Let’s take your team to the next level.

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