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Unblock your developers 24/7 with  Troubleshooting Digital Assistants

Powered by community-contributed troubleshooting commands that you approve,
our AI models help your colleagues find what to run and when.

Troubleshooting Sessions

Open Source Downloads

8,562 hours
Engineering Time Saved

Provide a 24/7 Troubleshooting
Help Desk

Provide a better developer experience and free up your Kubernetes experts for strategic projects. Our Digital Assistants take queries from anyone - think stack overflow queries - and suggest commands from our community that have been approved by the team for that user to run. They can do this out-of-the-box.


If you choose to give them credentials, Digital Assistants can run the commands, suggest next steps, generate triage reports, and escalate to colleagues on the team when needed.

Advanced use cases

While most users start with Digital Assistants for a 24/7 Help Desk, they can play a number of roles in helping your team over time.

"Pair Programming" with Digital Assistants to accelerate onboarding new colleagues.

Most Kubernetes teams are too small to emulate the 6+ month training in hyperscale companies.  Inspired by the productivity of pair programming with AI, Digital Assistants plus the scripts from RunWhen’s Community help engineers new to SRE rapidly climb up the learning curve.  RunWhen delivers this use case out of the box.

Community + AI

Our AI Digital Assistants are backed by commands written by expert SRE/DevOps Authors contributing to our open-source libraries. Authors receive bounties and royalties when Assistants run their commands.

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Meet RunWhen Products

RunWhen consists of an open-source community, an open-source tool and a paid SaaS platform all dedicated to troubleshooting the Kubernetes ecosystem. 

RunWhen Platform

RunWhen Platform is our SaaS product that brings the full Digital Assistant experience.  Digital Assistants can respond to questions, alerts, webhooks, etc. and suggest troubleshooting commands to run, or can even run their own autonomous troubleshooting sessions.

AI assisted troubleshooting
Collaborative & interactive tech stack maps
Reliability engineering foundation
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RunWhen Local

RunWhen Local is an open source tool that runs on a developers laptop with a kubeconfig, generating a wiki-like cheat sheet with commands from our Authors that anyone on the team can copy and paste for troubleshooting, or that can be run by RunWhen Platform's Digital Assistants.

Community powered troubleshooting commands
Tailored for your environment
Ready to copy & paste

RunWhen Authors

The RunWhen Authors program is our (paid) open source community.  Authors submit troubleshooting commands optimized for AI models - appropriate titles, dependencies, conditions when to escalate to a human, etc.  Authors get paid bounties and royalties in return for their contributions.

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Let's get started!

Our private beta is ready for you - Let's take your team to the next level.

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