Troubleshooting Digital Assistants powered by an expert community to help your colleagues figure out which commands to run, and when.


RunWhen Platform’s AI Digital Assistants make app developers and new platform engineers 10x more efficient in troubleshooting problems themselves, freeing up senior engineers for strategic projects. The Digital Assistants understand stack overflow-style queries and information about your environment, then suggest (and run) troubleshooting commands. They can interpret the results, and summarize issues that require escalation.

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RunWhen Local scans Kubernetes clusters, matching workloads it finds with troubleshooting commands from RunWhen Authors, customizing the commands for your stack. It then provides a copy-paste friendly cheat sheet that helps platform engineers find sophisticated troubleshooting commands quickly.

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The RunWhen Authors program is our (paid) open source community.  Authors submit AI-optimized troubleshooting commands and metadata covering hundreds of open source and vendor packages in the cloud-native ecosystem. They get paid bounties and royalties when Digital Assistants run their contributions.

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