Security & Trust

Ensuring Your Data Security Is Our Priority

Our unique architecture gives various deployment options to fit a wide range of corporate security standards.  By separating open community content and sensitive enterprise data and ensures that no enterprise data ever gets used in generative AI.

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RunWhen hosted for fast PoCs
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Hybrid for typical security requirements
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Self-hosted for air-gapped environments
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Data Separation

RunWhen separates community content from sensitive enterprise data.  Enterprise data is never used in the generative AI process. It is clearly highlighted in the user interface.

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Deployment Options

RunWhen Hosted

  • Scripts run in RunWhen hosted Kubernetes clusters
    (requires loading an appropriate kubeconfig to RunWhen’s Vault instances)
  • Script output is stored in encrypted GCS buckets managed by RunWhen

Hybrid Deployment

  • Scripts run inside your Kubernetes clusters using the RunWhen Local agent
  • Script output is stored in your cloud storage
    (requires some integration work)

Self Hosted

  • Run the full RunWhen stack inside of your VPC / Firewall in a dedicated Kubernetes cluster
  • Best for air-gapped and very high compliance environments
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High Availability and Reliability

For RunWhen Hosted and Hybrid deployments, RunWhen is focused on providing a highly available and reliable platform.  For self-hosted, we provide optional professional services (through partners) for 24/7 operations.

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Hosted and Hybrid

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Regional Kubernetes deployments in the Google Cloud Platform​
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Scripts run in your clusters or in RunWhen clusters (configurable)
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RunWhen-SaaS control plane that initiates script runs, telemetry, error recovery, etc.
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Self Hosted

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Regular self-hosted release channel that follows hosted and hybrid roadmap
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Telemetry and operational tooling
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Professional services available (through partners) for 24/7 SRE support

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